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I got to know Manuela as a very knowledgeable coach with an entrepreneurial spirit and highly recommend her for any kind of professional matter. Her clear language, structured and targeted questions as well as visualization techniques provide a great deal of support when it comes to structuring topics and gaining clarity in decision processes. And all of this in a very business savvy, solution oriented and personable way.
Mag. Maria WedenigManaging Partner, PR Agency
It’s impressive to see how reflective work facilitates assessing situations and reaching new decisions. The proficient guidance of Manuela triggered a change process in me which lets me approach new ventures in a very focused and motivated manner and helps me to follow through on them. I also found the tools used, such as system board, very helpful. Manuela is an absolute enrichment for the coaching market for executives and managers.
MMag. Claudia Laschalt, MBAEntrepreneur IT Consulting and Coach
A former colleague of mine pointed me to Manuela Thaler. I experienced her as a very professional, eloquent and congenial person and can only highly recommend her to everybody who wants to immerse themselves into the topic of professional development.
Daniel HoffmannHead of Retail of Oil and Gas Industry
Manuela has a warmth that shines through in her coaching. She is gently encouraging and made me feel safe when I worked with her. At the same time she pushed me to commit to action, and it was in taking that action that I really got results.
Amanda CullenFormer Executive/Managing Partner of Pension Industry; now founder of a startup
An upcoming annual meeting with our international Senior Management team with a number of new faces made me feel quite nervous; also because the presentation and subsequent Q&A session were to be held in English. A friend of mine recommended Manuela to me and she was absolutely the right person for my concern. Her structured approach and professional demeanor were very motivating. Her ideal preparation allowed me to go into this important presentation with a boost in confidence and a set of newly acquired skills. Many thanks again for your swift support, Manuela.
Andrea RogetzerSales & Marketing Manager Oncology of Pharmaceutical Industry
I got to know Manuela Thaler in the course of a trial coaching. When I approached her regarding how to position myself in a new corporate situation, a longer collaborative process evolved which I perceived as very positive and instrumental to the advancement of my situation. It was a vital support for me having been able to reflect my professional circumstances with her and to work out solutions for my aspired goal. Manuela enabled me – with her calm and objective nature – to challenge existing point of views and to develop new perspectives. Thanks to her coaching I was able to optimize my situation. Therefore, I can definitely recommend to contact and engage Manuela with any sort of professional problem or challenge.
Mag. Ira WerbowskyWorks in the Public Sector
Manuela has been an extraordinary precise and detail oriented person to work with, which made the time spent incredibly valuable. She knows how and more importantly when to ask the right questions and guide you through the right process in a very simple, but at the same time accessible and practicable approach. All in a very nice atmosphere.
Dimitar Rupov
As emerging law firm which operates in an international environment we are also confronted with topics outside the core legal expertise. It was one of those matters which I tackled together with Manuela Thaler. If you are in need of somebody to work with you in a very structured manner on a challenge, who has the ability to single out the most crucial elements, yet doesn’t lose sight of the big picture, then work with Manuela Thaler. I thank her for her ability to apply entrepreneurial thinking, to quickly get to the point and to ask the right questions, which helped me to recognize different perspectives and to work out realizable solutions together with her. It was a big gain for me having worked with Manuela Thaler.
Dr. Uwe Rautner, LL.M.Managing Partner of Rautner Attorneys at Law
Possessing a highly developed talent for targeting business-critical issues, Manuela’s uncommon insights and breadth of knowledge proved invaluable across nearly all business processes. Indeed, Manuela was instrumental in the growth of our management team’s capacity for scale as we took on increasingly greater challenges. In hindsight, we couldn’t have done it without her.
Ryan CrowderDirector of Strategic Initiatives of Online-Education
Manuela has strong people skills; her ability to listen and solve problems by empowering your confidence is impressive.
Ralph DebbasSenior Director of Strategy and Digital Transformation at PWC